Nothing worthwhile is easy

I only started my weight loss journey recently. I was at my heaviest 14 stone and getting bigger until a first time illness scare changed everything.

I’m in my thirties, i earn less than £8.40 p/h and i live at home because of my own financial misgivings. I don’t have a lot of spare cash per month as my working hours fluctuate. I pay for my own food which up until recently was a load of junk. I don’t have much but i make it work, debunking the myth that you can only get cheap nasty junk food for a low price instead i can get healthy items for around £25 = (5-6 days worth of food.)

On this site you’ll find a weekly blog, food prep idea’s, shopping on a budget. I also hope that you reach out and share your stories of weight loss, any struggles and success stories. Trying to loose weight has been a issue for me for at least 10 years but it is possible.

I’ve lost around 10 pounds in a safe manor in the last 4 weeks, i’m nearly down to 13 stone and with a little creativity, research and determination you can do it too.

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